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Why choose a business center?

A business center offers a complete solution when it comes to renting an office to:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Starting companies
  • Companies with extremely flexible renting needs

The office spaces are fully furnished and dispose of a number of communal facilities, just as experienced administrative staff with a sophisticated sense of service.

The charges of entirely furnished office spaces contain, except for the rent, also fees for the (administrative) services. You pay a monthly fixed amount per working place.

This fee contains: rent, taxes and services like furnishing, light, heating, air conditioning, broadband Internet access, maintenance, reception service, cleaning, security, diverse assurances, use of kitchen and lavatory.

For other facilities, like the use of meeting halls, copiers, printers, telephone, etcetera, you only need to pay the actual use.

Why would you rather choose a business center than a traditional rented working accommodation?

A office working place in a business center offers you the largest possible flexibility and saves you unpleasant extra charges.

You don’t need to set down for a larger period than possible.

Moreover, Benelux Businesscenter is that flexible that you can move over to a bigger al smaller space in the shortest possible term, dependent on your needs.

The first months are critical for all companies in early stages. With an office in a business center at your disposal, you avoid many practical problems, which often go together with the start of work activities on a new company location.

Thanks to the services offered by a business center, you have the serenity you need from day one in order to concentrate yourself on your own company and on nothing else. As your company grows, you can expand easily and uncomplicated to larger spaces in the same business center.

“We can manage all your non-core activities while you run your business”